Working on board is 7 day a week job and that does not sound appealing to most people but working back home everyone “lives for the weekend…right?!” and what does this mean going to the local pub on Friday nights and getting drunk with your mates? Or staying in and ordering a take away and watching Saturday night TV? And that works for some people, but it wasn’t the lifestyle that I wanted to lead….

“I wanted adventure… I wanted excitement…I want to see new places!”

Work would always come first but when I got my free time, I used it wisely. I would research and find what the iconic things that were available to see and do in the beautiful countries we were docking in. I would also use the shore excursion escort program which means you can sign up to any free available spaces and go on the tour for free! (As long as this didn’t interfere with you work schedule)

I also found that I was working and living with similar minded people who also wanted to explore and see the sights that the countries had to offer. So, it was always easy to find a group of people to go with and feel safe and enjoy the mini adventures together!

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