We got picked up late afternoon and set off In 4×4 jeeps and headed for the sand dunes. It was nice to drive through the streets of Dubai and get a feel of the country. Once we arrived at the start of the dunes…the adventure began!

We picked up speed and we were off, the dunes were incredible and so bumpy – be prepared to hit your head! I was sharing a 4×4 with my friends that I made on board, who were also lucky enough to share this experience with.  

It was time for the first stop to encounter the fasted bird in the world….the Falcon! We sat around with other people who were also doing the excursion and listened and watch the trained specialist explaining about the falcon and putting on a small show demonstrating how fast this bird was! 

When the sun started to set we stopped in the 4×4’s and got out to watch the incredible sunset it was picturesque in these breathtaking surroundings. Before entering the camp we could experience a short camel ride (optional) and it was nice to see the camels were well treated!

After the camel ride we walked into the camp and it was extraordinary, it was all lit up and had big cushions all over the floor for seats with low tables and a buffet in the middle with authentic foods. You could also help yourself to drinks. It was great value for money! 

After all the refreshments, everyone’s attention got drawn to the center of the camp and in the middle was the most beautiful woman, who performed a traditional belly dance routine. After the entertainment had stopped you then got a chance to enjoy shisha (non-tobacco) in the corner of the camp or if that wasn’t your thing you could get a henna tattoo done!

I loved this trip as I felt like it was something that I had never experience before and it felt enriched in culture and authenticity!